Welcoming Churches

On a separate page on this site (found on the menu) is a list of gay-friendly churches and faith communities in Lincoln County. These are churches that have taken action to welcome gay individuals and couples, and to assure that LGBT persons receive equal treatment in their congregations.

OCC PFLAG presentations to area churches:

Atonement Lutheran church during their study of becoming a Reconciling Congregation (officially gay friendly) and later attended the final celebration.

St. Luke’s Episcopal at their after-church Forum to discuss the church’s “PFLAG Ministry,” and the issues affecting LGBT Christians.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to inform them about issues affecting the LGBT community, services of PFLAG, and how they can help.

Interfaith Community for Peace & Justice

OCC PFLAG collaborates with ICPJ to encourage churches and faith communities to work on anti-bullying and LGBT rights priorities as part of their justice efforts.


Facebook: OCC PFLAG is on Facebook and invites all of you to join our Facebook group. PFLAG meetings and special events are posted on Facebook—join us there!

PFLAG Updates: Once or twice a month we send an email update to our email list.  We highlight local events, issues and opportunities as well as news about state and national gay concerns with links encouraging recipients to support gay issues.

Newsletter: Nel Ward, a local activist edits a monthly newsletter to the great enthusiasm and appreciation of our members.  One issue featured Dan Beck, Coastal AIDS Network Director, who received an Equality Champion Award from BRO at their annual dinner.  Another featured Avery Heater, Newport High School student, whose Coming Out story was featured in her school newsletter and also in the Oregonian.