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PostHeaderIcon Marriage Equality and Mother’s Day

PFLAG Friends,

Here are a few suggestions from Basic Rights Oregon to link Mother’s Day to the Marriage Equality campaign using Facebook.

1.     Send BRO photos and quotes from one or two members of the group.  If folks are interested in participating they can send a picture of themselves with their child (ideally this would be a mom and her adult LGBT child but we have some flexibility here), along with a quote we can use as  a caption.  Captions can read:  “My mother’s day wish is for my child to have the freedom to marry the person they love”,  or “my mother’s day wish is for my daughter to be able to marry the love of her life, as my son was able to marry his “,  or “my mother’s day wish is for my grandkids moms/dads to be able to marry each other”.  Send photos & captions to Demi@basicrights.org

2.   Go on Facebook on Wednesday, May 4th and change their status to “My mother’s Day wish is for everyone (/my daughter/my son) to have the freedom to marry the person they love.  If you agree, please repost.”

3.   BRO will have weeklong “events” on Facebook for this Mother’s Day theme.  If you all have a Facebook page you could also participate by following our page and then reposting to your page.

Thanks for all you’re doing to make Marriage Equality a reality!


Jeanne St.John, Chair

Here’s another great Freedom to Marry story from New York.  The video shows Richard and John who have been together 61 years–and want to be married in New York.  Click on the link to see the video and support marriage equality in New York.

Winning the freedom to marry in New York is within our reach this spring. And I can promise you, Freedom to Marry is doing everything we can to get the job done.

Marriage is crucial to couples like Richard and John. They just celebrated 61 years together as a couple, and they desperately want to marry in New York. After 61 years, haven’t they waited long enough?

Freedom to Marry’s video tells Richard and John’s story. Please watch and share it with everyone you know:


Whether a couple is newly engaged or has been waiting to tie the knot for 61 years, each moment spent denied the freedom to marry is a moment too long.

Freedom to Marry has joined with Empire State Pride Agenda, Human Rights Campaign, Log Cabin Republicans New York, and Marriage Equality New York in a united effort to get the job done. Our New Yorkers United for Marriage coalition is working side-by-side with the governor and legislators to line up the votes to bring marriage home in New York.

Join Freedom to Marry in helping to win marriage in New York. You can start by sharing this video:


New York is closer than ever before to passing a marriage bill and ending this cruel exclusion and closer than ever to making history and adding to our national momentum. Make sure you are a part of it.

Together we can bring the freedom to marry home.

Evan Wolfson
Founder and President, Freedom to Marry

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